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New Years Yet Again [Dec. 31st, 2010|09:34 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Mood |tiredfreakishly tired]
[Music |rock-a-doodle soundtrack]

Once again I find myself here on the eve of another new year. Unfortunately, I'm freakishly tired at the moment, so I may actually just sleep right through it. Or...I guess I could just set my alarm five minutes before 12:00AM. Yes, this is what I shall do.

In the meantime, here's a dream I had ages ago and apparently jotted down upon awakening (please forgive the poor writing as I am typing this up exactly as my sleep-addled brain wrote it):


Craziest dream. It began with my being in Bowser Koopa's castle from the Mario games; his bathroom to be exact. He was taking a really steamy shower and I could just see his outline through the frosted doors, but he didn't know I was in there. For some reason, I hurried to his medicine cabinet over the sink and just started swiping everything. I stole cologne, toothpaste, and even some hair which I'm not entirely sure was his. Anyway, he starts coming out of the shower and I freak out and run out of the castle. Oddly enough, while the interior was definitely his castle, outside it looked like a suburban home on a typical, suburban street. There was this huge cabinet on the lawn that I quickly jumped into to avoid being seen when he came outside. Once he did, I followed him into his neighbors house, which upon entering turned into the interior of Princess Peach's castle. I deduce that he's trying to kidnap the princess again and quietly follow him though I don't think he could see me at this point. So, he's walking around, apparently lost, and eventually encounters a group of people who I think were on a tour. He gets nervous at having been caught and tries to play it off like he belongs there, even going so far as playing the role of a tour guide. I'm all interested in the things he's saying when the door nearest me opens and reveals Toadsworth coming down a staircase. He looked just like he usually does except that he's tall and was dressed in a grey sweatsuit. Anyway, I know he's going to recognize Bowser and blow his cover, so I quickly grabbed him by the back of his neck and totally slammed his face into the wall. Bowser is surprised at this, but pleasantly so and invites me back to his castle. I obediently follow, grateful he didn't know I had all his bathroom stuff, and he leads me to the giant cabinet on his lawn. He then proceeds to shove me into it even though the interior has suddenly become tiny. I protest, crying something about there being spiders in there with me, and he ignores my complaints. According to him, I have to watch for Mario while he goes back for Peach. It's dark in the cabinet and all I can do is listen to him walk away. Then there was something about Mario jumping over lava or something, but I woke up so soon after that and can only recall flashes of it. All in all, an awesome dream. Damn I wish I could remember the smell of Bowser's cologne. It was SO vivid in the dream!


I actually have a book of these things that I'd entirely forgotten about. This one just happens to be one of my favorites.

*****EDIT 10:08PM*****

Screw the plan, I'll just pick up where I left off reading Aspho Fields. That book is so addicting, I'll probably stay up way past 12:00PM.

*****EDIT 2:42AM*****

Yep. Happy New Years! *drops*