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Oneshot Time! [Jun. 5th, 2010|09:55 pm]
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Changed the name of my journal at long last. The old name was rather...I dunno. I guess it just irked me. I made it back when I was in my early teens and it showed. Bad. This one isn't much better, but I always got a giggle out of that line from Patsy Cline's "The Wayward Wind". I'd like to change my actual username to my modern screen name, too, but I don't have $15 to shell out right now. Seems a silly thing to blow money on, anyway.

But that's not the reason for this post! The true reason is that I have a oneshot to share at long last. It starts out of nowhere and it ends out of nowhere, but I had fun. This was one of those many times where I just start writing about two people interacting and see where it goes. I recommend doing this yourself. It eases boredom and can take you through some pretty cool scenarios you might not have consciously considered. You'll see that this one got away from me real fast.

No pairing that I can see. Just Bowser and Peach from the Super Mario games on possibly the first time/one of the first times he's kidnapped her. You'll notice he's not so twitter-pated by her just yet, though he's on his way. Also want to say that I didn't purposely write it so vague, nor did I purposely write Peach so OOC. She just came out that way! Also, I have no idea why they're just sitting in the dark like that. Maybe the power is out and he's keeping an eye on her? Gah, vague fic is vague!


Beast Within

"You don't have to be afraid of me, you know," Bowser grumbled, annoyed by his captive’s whimpers. All he was doing was sitting there — sitting! — and was certainly not making any motions more threatening than breathing in and out. Of course, he was capable of breathing fire, but it was easy to tell when he was going to do that. No, there was simply no reason he could think of for Peach to be cringing like she was doing. For crying out loud, he had only kidnapped her. It wasn't like he was pulling out her fingernails or making her eat dirt. It was getting on his nerves.

Peach flinched yet again at the sound of his deep voice in the darkness. She heard the aggravated sigh that followed and glared at him from behind her tears. "I think I have the right to be afraid," she sniffled wetly, hugging her knees to her chest as if they could shield her from harm; as if she needed shielding.

He growled. "I just said that you didn't!"

"And I say that I do!"

"Why? That's stupid!” he snorted derisively. Was she actually arguing with him? “I'm not doing anything!"

The princess wrinkled her nose at the word ‘stupid’, but didn’t call him on it. There was no use in pointing out the rudeness of a monster. "You're not leaving, either."

"Hey, this is my castle," Bowser reminded her. He pointed to his emblem grinning devilishly over the doorway and then at his own face. "See the resemblance?"

She placed a gloved hand against her nose, sulking a little. Not for the first time she wished she had some tissue. "Well, you're not letting me leave."

"When did I say you couldn't leave?" the Koopa King demanded, spreading his palms in a gesture of incredulity.

She brightened. "You mean I can just go home?"

"No." There was a hint of smugness to his words at her crestfallen expression. "But when did I say you couldn't? You were just assuming that I wouldn’t let you. You assumed correctly, but you still were just guessing."

He was pleased to notice that Peach was quickly losing her look of misery and was replacing it with one of anger. Anger was good; he knew how to deal with anger. Tears and mascara trails were something that flabbergasted him to no end. If he could just keep her from falling back into a sobbing mess there was a chance they would get through the night.

"You're a beast," Peach spat and turned her nose up at him. The sharp gesture sent her hair flipping over her shoulder and the slight gust caused the smell of her perfume to waft in his direction. He sniffed at it curiously — and immediately sneezed.

Peach let out a little shriek of fear at the unexpected motion from Bowser. Rolling backwards in some strange action of self-defense, the princess toppled from the bed to land in a heap of pink fabric on the stone floor. Bowser rolled his eyes. Since when were princesses so clumsy?

"You okay?" he called, swiping his knuckles beneath his nose and snuffling slightly. Her perfume had been too flowery for his sinuses to stand.

Peach didn't immediately respond. Just as Bowser was beginning to think she'd cracked her head open and he now had to deal with seeing her brains, she made a small moaning sound. He exhaled in relief. She was apparently in pain, but at least she wasn't dead. What use would a dead princess be to him?

"You all right?" he asked again, chuckling beneath his breath. Now that he knew she wasn't a corpse, he could see the humor in the situation — not to mention a few other things. He stood up from his seat to get a better look before calling, "Your drawers are showing, by the way."

She shrieked again and suddenly became a pink whirlwind of motion as she tried to right her skirts. With all the layers of petticoats, bustle, and countless other garments it was hard to know which way to pull to keep from destroying more of her modesty.

"Turn away!" she screeched at the Koopa where he stood laughing. "This isn't funny!"

"Not to you it ain't," Bowser cackled. "But from where I'm standing? Gwahaha—ouch!" His laughter was cut short as something pointy and hard collided with his muzzle, barely missing going into his mouth by a few inches. Though it surprised him more than it hurt, he still covered his snout with both hands and fixed a glare on the princess. She was now sitting upright and glaring back at him with just as much contempt, her face flushed and her hair disheveled.

"The heck is wrong with you?" he demanded angrily.

She scowled. "I told you to stop laughing!"

"Technically, you only told me to turn away, which I still didn't do because you can't boss me around in my own castle! It's Bowser Time 24/7 around here!" He licked at his muzzle experimentally and was comforted by the discovery of only a small spot of tenderness where the pointy-something had struck. It wasn't swollen nor was it bleeding; it was totally negligible. That still didn't change the fact that she had thrown and hit him with something right in the face. He watched her sourly as she clambered back onto the bed and attempted to get herself back into some semblance of order.

"Do you have a mirror?" she asked him in polite, frigid tones. So, she was being snotty now, was she? At least it was better than the weeping.

Bowser made a shrugging motion. "Maybe. What'd you hit me with?"

"Oh, right. Could you hand that back to me?" She made a gesture with her hand toward an object lying on the floor. Bowser wondered briefly why she didn't just point at it, but dismissed the question the moment he saw what it was.

"You threw your shoe at me?" he exclaimed, almost too astonished to be angry.

Peach blinked at him with wide, blue eyes. "It was all I had. Now if you—hey!" She scrambled forward urgently as Bowser, in one motion, scooped up the red pump and hurled it out the window as hard as he could. Considering that his biceps alone were bigger than Peach's head, this meant she would most likely never see that shoe again.

Regardless, she hurried past him and stood on tiptoes to peer out the narrow window after it. She was just in time to see the shoe become a tiny dot against the horizon before it was swallowed by the night. "Why did you do that?" she wailed, sounding more like the princess he had expected her to be: whiny and fashion-centric.

"You brought this on yourself, Blondie," he snorted in reply. "Keep this up and I'll have you stripped. Speaking of which," he took a step toward her, making her fall back with an expression of alarm he paid no heed to. "Give me the other one, too."

"You--" she began, but cut herself off when he suddenly placed one hand on her shoulder and pushed her off balance. This tipping action forced her to teeter on one leg and granted him easy access to the remaining high heel. "Brute!" she screeched, arms flailing despite the fact that his grip on her shoulder was keeping her from actually falling. "Get your hands off me!"

Bowser grunted. He didn't stop what he was doing, nor did he release her. He probably hadn't even been listening.

The Koopa was completely ignoring her.

Peach had never been ignored in her life. Rage unlike anything she had ever felt before suddenly flared within her at his insolence and Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom's pride and joy, did something so unexpected that at first all Bowser could do was stare.

She bit him.

It would have been a comical sight to see had anyone been around to witness it. There was the Koopa King bent over his captive, frozen in the act of reaching for her shoe, while the petite princess had both dainty arms wrapped around his bicep and her teeth firmly lodged in his skin. Her wild hair gave her an almost animalistic appearance that Bowser found himself captivated by. She was like a wildcat: predatory, dangerous, and strangely beautiful. Just like him.

Fortunately, her teeth were as flat as all human teeth and didn’t even leave a scratch on his hardened scales. Not even her jaw had enough strength to do more than make him aware that she was clamped onto him like a toothless klaptrap. He shook his head in pity and continued reaching for her shoe.

“You’re just gonna hurt yourself,” he told her in an almost conversational tone. She replied with a growl that he assumed would have been an actual response had she not been chewing his arm. Poor thing was really trying to cause him some kind of discomfort.

Despite all of Peach's unladylike efforts, Bowser eventually managed to pluck the red pump from her foot and toss it out of the window with much less violence than its unlucky twin. They soon heard it clatter against the stone base of the castle way down below.

Bowser dusted his hands together. “Well, that takes care of that. Now, seriously, leggo! You’re getting my arm all spitty and gross.” He shook the limb gently and Peach released him. Now that the shoe was gone, and he wasn’t entangled with her fighting over it, there was no reason to try and keep her grip. Besides, her jaw was getting tired.

Bowser chuckled and gave Peach a solid push toward the bed. She landed on it face first with a muffled cry. “You’re something else, you know that?” he commented lightly as he reclaimed his seat in front of the door.

Peach crawled to the center of the bed and sat glowering at Bowser from behind the curtain of her wildcat’s hair. “And you’re still a beast.”

Bowser grinned at her with newfound appreciation. “I’m beginning to think I’m not the only one, ‘Princess’.”


BowserxPeach is one of my favorite pairings, but I've never really written it myself. I always prefer the imagined times at the beginning of their "professional" relationship when he's still so caddish and she's still so stand-offish. I imagine they're fairly young here. Oh, and the drawers Bowser caught sight of weren't modern undies; they were these. I know, I know. Too sexy for the interwebs. Forgiveness please. =P

Writing this has taught me something: I have swapped overuse of commas for overuse of italics. They're just so fun!

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